The Politics Are Shifting!‏


Direct Action Taken by Democrats

In an unprecedented action, led by Civil Rights icon John Lewis (D-Georgia), House Democrats have occupied the Chamber through the night to protest Republican refusal to allow a vote on two gun bills: ‘No Fly, No Buy” prohibiting those on No Fly lists from purchasing firearms, and “No check, No sale” expanding background checks requirements to online and gun show sales.

Almost all House Democrats have participated in the “sit-in”, taking turns at the podium throughout the night calling for a vote.

At 3:15 am, Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) called a recess until July 5 and Republicans left for home while Democrats stayed on the floor.

A Political Shift

The vote did not come yet, but we are really seeing the politics shift on gun violence prevention as more and more members of Congress take action on the issue as they realize that public sentiment is everything and 80 to 90 % of Americans support these Common Sense Measures.  They saw a growing mass of supporters arrive, in the galleries and outside the Capitol.

Thank Our Connecticut Senators

Democratic members are still on the floor. Next steps are still very much in flux.  But our first action must be to thank our Connecticut Congressman, all of whom participated in the action throughout the day and night.

Call your Congressman now!  Say you support their bold action and that you want them to continue to demand a vote on gun safety measures.

Here is the list of our CT Members of Congress.  Call yours now!!

John Larson:  202-225-2265

Joe Courtney: 202-225-2076

Rosa DeLauro: 202-225-3661

Jim Himes:  202-225-5541

Elizabeth Esty: 202-225-4476

Honor Orlando with Action

Fairfield CT – Early Sunday morning, a gunman armed with an assault rifle and handgun opened fire in the Pulse Orlando Night Club & Ultra Lounge, a popular LGBT bar in Orlando.  The carnage ended with 50 dead and 53 hospitalized with injuries.


Our thoughts and sympathies are with the family and friends of the victims and with the entire community of Orlando, another community like our own Newtown neighbors who have had to bear the full brunt of our Congressional inaction in the face of the horrific epidemic of mass shootings and everyday gun violence in our country.

Over the coming hours and days we will learn more about the shooter and his possible motives.  What we do know is that, once again, an angry young man, perhaps one who should have been on the Terror Watch list, had easy access to powerful weapons and used those guns to kill dozens of innocent people.

It was the worst mass shooting in our history and again we have to ask ourselves how our Congress can continue to make excuses for taking no action to establish every reasonable policy to limit gun violence in America, or even to admit that the problem of easy, unlimited access to guns in our country is their responsibility to fix.

We urge you to take action now by signing this petition to renew the federal ban on assault weapons. .

These weapons were designed for military police use and do not belong in the hands of dangerous civilians.

The goal is to receive one million signatures. In the first fifteen hours, over 150,000 have already signed. Let’s reach the goal and then go on to next steps.

Ten Ways to Stop Gun Violence


Gun violence takes many forms so solutions to the problems don’t lend themselves to “one size-fits-all” remedies. Here is our list of the top ten priorities for attacking the gun violence problem.

  1. Smart Guns

Smart gun technologies, in which Smart guns, or personalized guns, are designed to be useless unless unlocked by radio signal or a biometric authenticator such as voice activation, fingerprints, or a retina scan could help prevent gun deaths in many important ways including:

  1. The hundreds of thousands of guns stolen every year could be rendered harmless.
  2. Gun accidents in the home could be reduced, especially among children.
  3. Suicidal teenagers would be prevented from appropriating their parents’ guns.

The term smart gun has been trademarked by the gun manufacturer Mossberg.

To read the entire list click here.