URGENT ACTION: We must tell legislators where we stand on gun bills

Two gun bills are under active consideration by the Judiciary Committee of the state legislature.  One will improve gun safety in Connecticut, the other assuredly will not. We must let Judiciary Committee members know where we stand.
The NRA has already activated its base. Committee members must hear from our side.
Please take a moment to contact legislators with the message below. Click here now to email the message below to every member of the Judiciary Committee. Although not essential, modifying the message to make it your own has greater impact.

Subject: Here’s where I stand on HB6200 and Reciprocity raised gun bills

Dear Members of the Judiciary Committee:

I am writing to urge you to:

SUPPORT HB 6200, AAC Presentation of a Carry Permit.  When individuals are openly carrying guns in public, they should be required to show their permits upon request of a police officer. Current law requires private citizens armed in public to carry their handgun permit on their person. It is only common sense that a person open carrying should be required to produce the permit to confirm they are lawfully carrying, and not a threat to public safety or the officers themselves.

OPPOSE the bill, AAC Permit & Certificate to Carry a Firearm Reciprocity, that would allow holders of other states’ permits to conceal carry in Connecticut. Most states do not have the strict safety standards for carrying guns in public that we have in Connecticut. It makes little sense to have our own strict standards, but not require gun owners from out of state to meet the same requirements. Also, without national standards for gun permits and 24/7 access to out-of-state permit information, law enforcement would have no way to verify whether the permit was valid and whether the gun owner is carrying legally.

Connecticut Again Ranked Second in the Nation on Strength of our Gun Laws

The San Francisco based Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence has issued their annual rankings on the strength of states’ gun laws, and again for the fourth straight year Connecticut has ranked second in the nation. Click here for results of all states.

For more than twenty years, CT Against Gun Violence has led the fight to strengthen Connecticut gun laws because we believe that smart gun laws work, that smart gun laws save lives. So we are very proud of this distinction.

We are often asked what the difference is between Connecticut’s ability to do this while many  other states and the U.S. Congress too often cannot. Our answer is simple: the difference is you.

Our supporters have been relentless and uncompromising in holding our elected officials accountable for passing legislation that helps keep our communities and families safe from gun violence; the most recent example being our Domestic Violence Temporary Restraining Order bill passed in the 2016 session that removes firearms from domestic abusers within 24 hours of service of a temporary restraining order.

So we are pleased to share this honor with you, and we extend our best wishes of the holiday season to all.

Ten Ways to Stop Gun Violence


Gun violence takes many forms so solutions to the problems don’t lend themselves to “one size-fits-all” remedies. Here is our list of the top ten priorities for attacking the gun violence problem.

  1. Smart Guns

Smart gun technologies, in which Smart guns, or personalized guns, are designed to be useless unless unlocked by radio signal or a biometric authenticator such as voice activation, fingerprints, or a retina scan could help prevent gun deaths in many important ways including:

  1. The hundreds of thousands of guns stolen every year could be rendered harmless.
  2. Gun accidents in the home could be reduced, especially among children.
  3. Suicidal teenagers would be prevented from appropriating their parents’ guns.

The term smart gun has been trademarked by the gun manufacturer Mossberg.

To read the entire list click here.