10th Annual CAGV Benefit Luncheon


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To view  the presentation of Dr. David Hemenway, Director of the Harvard Injury Control Research Center, click here.

CT Against Gun Violence Annual Benefit Luncheon
Draws Record Attendance

Number of gun violence prevention supporters continues to grow.

Greenwich, CT – CT Against Gun Violence (CAGV) enjoyed a record turnout for its 10th Annual Benefit Luncheon at the Greenwich Country Club. The substantial increase in attendance seen in 2013 following the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting has continued to grow year by year. This year the guest total neared 400, filling the main room of the Club to capacity.

As a key source of financial support for the legislative advocacy and education efforts of CAGV, the fundraiser exceeded previous years’ attendance and fundraising. Board President Marty Isaac noted that CAGV’s success as one of the leading state-wide groups in the nation was due in no small part to the exceptional knowledge and expertise of its executive director, Ron Pinciaro, who has led the organization for the past 15 years. Isaac told supporters, “Having a professional, paid staff requires resources. Your generosity each year is what makes it possible.”

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Senate Passes HB 5054 to Protect Victims of Domestic Violence‏

The Senate of the CT General Assembly voted to pass HB 5054, An Act to Protect Victims of Domestic Violence, in a bipartisan vote of 23-13. The bill was already passed by the House last week.

The bill will require domestic abusers to surrender any firearms owned or possessed within twenty-four hours of service of a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO), pending a hearing to be held within 14 days. Passage of this bill is critical because the period immediately after the victim takes court action to end the relationship is a particularly dangerous time. And presence of a firearm in an abusive relationship makes it five times more likely that the abuse victim will be killed.

TY for Passing HB5054

Passing an important bill such as this takes the work of many. Thank you to all of you who have contacted your legislators. Your advocacy played a substantial role in securing this vote.

The next step will be for Governor Malloy to sign the bill.  Since he advocated for the bill from the very beginning, we expect that this will happen soon. The bill will then become law.

Thank you for your good work! Together we can be sure that Connecticut will lead the nation in our fight to reduce gun violence.

CT Gun Deaths: 2008-2015

We saw an increase in firearm homicides in 2015 over recent year trends. 78 Connecticut residents were murdered by guns in 2015.

Suicides on the other hand declined over recent trends, as 99 took their lives with a firearm in CT.

There was also one death for which the manner has not yet been confirmed as a homicide or suicide by the CT Chief Medical Examiner.

No accidental firearms deaths were recorded in Connecticut for 2015.

Our data is confirmed monthly with the CT Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.

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