CAGV Endorsements for the Primaries

CAGV Endorses William Tong (Attorney General) and Matt Lesser (State Senate 9th District) in Primary Elections

CAGV has endorsed State Representative William Tong for CT Attorney General and Representative Matt Lesser for State Senate in the 9th District for the primary elections on August 14, 2018. The endorsements recognize candidates running in primaries who CAGV believes will be true leaders in advocating and taking action to promote and pass common-sense gun laws if elected—and have already distinguished themselves with a history of championing gun violence prevention legislation as central to their agenda and core beliefs.




Running for Attorney General






Running for State Senate, 9th District




Candidates’ positions on gun laws will be an important factor for voters in the upcoming fall elections—especially among youth. According to a recent Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics poll, among 18-29 year olds who say they will definitely vote, 77 percent consider gun regulation an important factor in determining their vote. According to a Quinnipiac national poll, gun policy is one of the top five issues voters of all ages will consider when deciding how to vote.

CAGV endorsements for candidates running in primaries were made using responses to the CAGV Candidate Questionnaire about Gun Laws and, if the candidate is an incumbent, his or her General Assembly legislative record. Also considered are candidate interviews, public statements, testimony, appearances at public events and press conferences and remarks made to gun violence prevention and gun rights advocacy organizations.

CAGV is continuing the process of grading candidates. After the primaries it will publish candidate grades and will make additional endorsements for the general election.