Urge your legislators to keep partisan politics out of the CT Judiciary!

Legal experts consider Justice McDonald’s appointment to Chief Justice to be warranted based on his legal credentials and intellect. In a rare commentary, the legal community has warned about politicizing the judicial selection process. The Connecticut Law Tribune wrote, “An independent judiciary is paramount to a free society. We call on our legislators, once again, to approve the nomination of Justice Andrew McDonald because he is qualified to do the job as chief justice. That’s really the only relevant question.”

The charge of inexperience doesn’t hold water. Justice McDonald was appointed to the Supreme Court in 2013 by an overwhelming bipartisan vote. He is the second-most tenured justice on the court today. Notably, neither of the two past Chief Justices had served a day on the bench before being nominated to the position. In addition to his judicial experience, McDonald has served in both the state legislature and the executive branch. The Hartford Courant editorial page wrote, “Mr. McDonald should be confirmed because of his deep knowledge of Connecticut lawmaking from his years in the legislature and because of his commitment to fair play.”

Please write your state representative and senator now and urge them to vote “yes” on the nomination of Andrew McDonald to Chief Justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court. As the legal community wrote in a letter to the Judiciary Committee, “Reviewing judicial decisions through too partisan a lens and with political purposes in mind poses risks to the independence of our judiciary and to our system of checks and balances.”

Let’s not let the CT General Assembly be infected by the partisan rhetoric coming out of Washington. Complete the form below to contact your state legislators today.